Garden Quality Farming

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Living lightly on our planet has always been our aim. In 1983 we purchased a rundown property at Heathfield, in the Adelaide Hills 3km from Stirling situated in outer suburbia. Today Nirvana now provides a wonderful lifestyle.

Nirvana is a small mixed orchard .Organic methods have been used since 1983 and since 1988 biodynamic methods have been introduced & developed. In 1989 became the first property in SA to be NASAA certified organic.Since 2003 the certification has been dropped because it was serving little purpose as the farm developed its own path of seasonal, regional quality food .

Poultry plays a role in the farming system. Geese are the orchard mowers . This has reduced mowing cost significantly. Also chooks, with the geese , provide us with manure ,eggs, meat and pest control.

All power machinery are single cylinder petrol. These are small, light & economical. Implements have been scaled or modified to suit the slopes.

Areas of native scrub provide over wintering sites for insects & nesting sites for birds & bats, along with diverse orchard plantings aid in the overall balance of the property.

The spring fed valley forms the head waters of Scott Creek. This provides ideal growing conditions for berries as well as providing a wetland habitat.

Value added agriculture is also part of the system. Quality jams & preserves are produced in small batches from produce grown on the property. Our Hot Roasted Chestnuts can be found is Stirling during Autumn and early winter. Our unique seasonal produce, jams & preserves are available only from our farm shop.

Valuable knowledge is passed on via workshops & farm tours.

Farming in the Adelaide Hills is under pressure from spreading suburbia. There is a need for a quality water catchment area & the preservation of the native environment. Quentin & Deb have proven over the years they can achieve a viable small farm, answering these needs by their methods of land management and marketing.

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